XContest 2007

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XC Online Italian Championship 2007

Dear pilot, we would like to welcome you at the homepage of XC Online Italian Championship 2007.

If you want to participate in the Italian XC, you have to claim your flights on this site. All other pilots (who don't participate in the IT-XC) can claim their flights on the World XContest website. The World XContest provides a ranking over all national contests. So you can review and compare the flights of all pilots, whether they participate in the IT-XC or not.


01. 03. 2007 - The XC Online Italian Championship 2007 is finally set up. Now you can register and claim flights. If you have already made flights during this season from 1.10.2006, you can claim all of them till end of March! From now on, you have to claim your flights within 2 weeks after the flight date.

Basic structure:

Left menu: contains references to pages with informations about flights, pilots and ranking in particular classes. Furthermore you can find here rules and F.A.Q.
Right menu: for "users", contains references to pages which can user (pilot) use for registration, flight claim,pilot profile management, etc.

Main goal of XContest project:

The main idea of XContest system is to provide pilots with most well-arranged and simple online cross country contest as it´s possible. Together with this we want to bring all important informations about flights and pilots. Our aim during the flight informations browsing is to give all users chance to view all important data from tracklog, which are available. And without any additional software.

XContest is member of FAI/CIVL working group to arrange an unique international scoring, it means to arrange an interface solution between more XC servers. Now we are discussing basic details and rules.

Team PGweb.info
Jakub Havel, Petr Chromec, Karel Vejchodsky



Luciano Gallo: gallo.luciano@gmail.com
XContest team emai: info@pgweb.info
skype: Chat with me

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