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World XContest 2024 [home]

World XContest - česká verzeWorld XContest  - français versionWorld XContest - version espagnolWorld XContest - deutsch versionDear pilot,
we would like to welcome you at the homepage of World XContest 2024, PG and HG online XC system.



A new Hungarian record! It could be even longer if Hungarian authorities would allow free in-flight border crossing within Schengen area...🙌


Maxime Pinot and Jonathan Marin - Paragliding Pilot have done an excellent record-breaking job in France today! The very end of Maxime's flight was watched by 942 live followers on XContest livetracking, which is by far a record-breaking value as well! 6 pilots in total made it to the same place, amazing team coperation!


The first real "hammertag" has come to the Alps. Finally! We have seen first 200km+ FAI triangles of the spring season. The number of flights in Saturday's daily score is currently on a good path to all-time record value (4557 flights just now; 4944 is the record).


The spring season has started explosively in the Himalayas!


You can safely ignore AVG/Avast "phishing threat" connected with various content on domain s.xcontest.app while visiting xcontest.org (or you can report here https://www.avg.com/en-ww/report-false-positive#pc ). A sidenote: There is a good enough antivirus/firewall protection build into Windows OS for many years, standalone software doesn't bring any substantial benefit (and sometimes only problems).


🏆The 2023 Paramotor World XContest is over with the end of the year, but we do not forget to celebrate and recognize the WINNERS! 🏆 🪂Paramotor foot-launched (RPF): 🥇First place belongs for the first time to the British pilot Daniel Jones with his longest FAI triangle flight 429 km flown in almost 8 hours (6611p.). 🇬🇧 🥈Second place flies again to Austria – Thomas Pilger defended the silver podium with his seasonal total maximum 6542 points. The longest FAI triangle was an incredible 502 km. 🇦🇹 🥉And third place with 6426 points has been won by Václav Vinklárek from the Czech Republic with his longest FAI triangle 311 km. 🇨🇿 🪂Paramotor trike (RPL): 🥇German pilot Ralf Tschai Baurer completed his medal collection! 🇩🇪 He has won by great flights taking off from Hechingen with his two best FAI triangle flights 347 km (total 7651p.). 🇩🇪 🥈Second place goes to the former winner and also regular medallist Benoit Squizzato from France. He succeeded with great FAI triangles with the longest 421 km (6605p.). 🇫🇷 🥉Third in category is Thomas Hüttner from Austria with his best flight 328km FAI triangle (6358p.).️ 🇦🇹 We CONGRATULATE them and wish ALL of you a great new Paramotor XContest season 2024! 😎 For the 2023 paramotor ranking (RPF & RPL), please visit: https://paramotors.xcontest.org/2023/world/en