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Chocolate Club 100k+

The category includes all pilots who have logged at least 1 flight over 100 km. Ranking is given by the number of such flights. In the case of equal number of flights over 100k the second aspect for ranking is the longest flight of pilot. Maximum of 2 flights from 1 single flying site is counted.

1 km = 1 point, closed triangles are optimized as free distance over 3 turnpoints.

Prizes for winners!Club is sponsored by Chocolate Fikar.

Check out "Desperado Club"! :-) Ranking of pilots who are closest to the 100 km mark.

Nombre de libéristes marquants des points dans cette catégorie: 1673

  1. bruce marks [bruce-marks]
    AU 35x [max. 227.23 km]
  2. Sebastian Benz [osimo]
    CH 22x [max. 375.26 km]
  3. Dino Scheidegger [DinoScheidegger]
    CH 16x [max. 320.11 km]
  4. Gavin McClurg [gavin_mcclurg]
    US 15x [max. 222.42 km]
  5. Petr Chromec [petrch]
    CZ 13x [max. 264.05 km]
  6. Peter Kleimann [PeterK]
    CH 12x [max. 341.21 km]
  7. Andreas Egger [franz77]
    DE 12x [max. 335.60 km]
  8. Bernhard Peßl [bernhardp]
    AT 12x [max. 315.72 km]
  9. Leone Antonio Pascale [leone]
    IT 12x [max. 249.33 km]
  10. Sebastian Huber [woodcutt]
    DE 12x [max. 241.10 km]
  11. Rinaldo Vuerich [v.rinaldo]
    IT 12x [max. 225.39 km]
  12. Alberto Dal Maso [ADM]
    IT 12x [max. 210.24 km]
  13. Alex Raymont [AlexR]
    CA 12x [max. 203.57 km]
  14. Donisan Alexandru [DONI]
    RO 12x [max. 199.77 km]
  15. Marcel Schmid [MarcelSchmid]
    CH 11x [max. 263.50 km]
  16. Franz Sailer [franky3230]
    AT 11x [max. 254.36 km]
  17. Ireneusz Janik [irekjanik]
    PL 11x [max. 217.37 km]
  18. Xevi Bonet [xevitere]
    CT 11x [max. 190.86 km]
  19. Philipp Steinger [Fippu80]
    CH 10x [max. 413.42 km]
  20. Adam Grzech [adam]
    PL 10x [max. 374.12 km]
  21. Sergio Pontremolez [Pontremolez]
    BR 10x [max. 310.85 km]
  22. Dominik Dusek [Skydive]
    CH 10x [max. 227.31 km]
  23. Sébastien Fiastre [bast73200]
    FR 10x [max. 212.64 km]
  24. Davide Grosina [datde]
    IT 10x [max. 166.32 km]
  25. Brian Webb [brianmwebb]
    AU 9x [max. 335.40 km]
  26. Gebi Abächerli [gebi]
    CH 9x [max. 303.22 km]
  27. Jouni Makkonen [jmakko]
    FI 9x [max. 285.41 km]
  28. Damien de Baenst [damien_db]
    BE 9x [max. 273.57 km]
  29. Jan Krátký [jaho]
    CZ 9x [max. 233.96 km]
  30. Massimiliano Favaro [max.favaro]
    IT 9x [max. 231.08 km]
  31. John Martina [pradeis]
    IT 9x [max. 216.47 km]
  32. Robert Haider [rhaider]
    AT 9x [max. 212.12 km]
  33. Peter Spear [pspear]
    CA 9x [max. 197.39 km]
  34. Michael Meier [meier111]
    CH 9x [max. 193.88 km]
  35. honorin hamard [hono]
    FR 8x [max. 438.42 km]
  36. Karel Vejchodsky [charlie]
    CZ 8x [max. 432.60 km]
  37. Alois Resinger [alois08]
    AT 8x [max. 292.50 km]
  38. David Rybar [drybar]
    CZ 8x [max. 274.45 km]
  39. štefan vyparina [pista]
    SK 8x [max. 258.38 km]
  40. Manuele Dondi [NotStrawman]
    IT 8x [max. 258.31 km]
  41. Thomas Kämpfer [thomaskaempfer]
    CH 8x [max. 240.19 km]
  42. Adam Stefan [astefanel]
    RO 8x [max. 234.39 km]
  43. Werner Jacober [speer1]
    CH 8x [max. 226.07 km]
  44. Airie Merlin [Airie]
    AU 8x [max. 210.67 km]
  45. Gaspard PETIOT [gaspardpetiot]
    FR 8x [max. 201.66 km]
  46. Fabrizio Anselmi [Fabri111]
    IT 8x [max. 200.21 km]
  47. Nicole McLearn [nicolemclearn]
    CA 8x [max. 198.57 km]
  48. Filippo Tessarotto [slam]
    IT 8x [max. 189.47 km]