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Cross Country Cup 2018

Welcome to the Cross Country Cup 2018 (CCC).

Pilots who are SHV/FSVL members and take part in the Cross Country Cup (CCC) can enter their flights on this website. The flights will then be scored for the daily and annual rankings.

Since 2017, there's no more sports license required to take part in the CCC. So participation is free of charge. You just have to be member of the SHV/FSVL. All previous services are still guaranteed by SHV/FSVL. If you want your flights to be taken into account for the club rankings, you need to enter the respective club at registration. You have to be a member of this club. Changing the club during the season is not possible (after April 30th of the respective year).

Only flights which are claimed on this site will be taken into the CCC rankings. You'll find further information about the rules here.

All other pilots (who don't participate in the CCC) can claim their flights on the World XContest website. The World XContest provides a ranking over all national contests. So you can review and compare the flights of all pilots, whether they participate in the CCC or not.

Basic structure:

Left menu: contains references to pages with informations about flights, pilots and ranking in particular classes. Furthermore you can find here rules and F.A.Q.
Right menu: for "users", contains references to pages which can user (pilot) use for registration, flight claim, pilot profile management, etc.


If you have any questions about XContest platform and CCC, please check out the help page first.

Main goal of XContest project:

The Swiss Cross Country Cup runs on the platform of the XContest project, provided by the PGweb team (Jakub Havel, Petr Chromec and Karel Vejchodsky).

The main idea of XContest system is to provide pilots with most well-arranged and simple as possible online cross country contest. The XContest project wants to provide world wide all important information about flights and pilots. The aim during the flight information browsing is to give all users the opportunity to view all important data available from tracklogs. No additional software is required.