XContest 2008

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Basic rules

The Annecy XC challenge will use the same rules as for the XContest with the following differences.


Sport: All gliders

Fun: All gliders up to and including DHV 2 or equivalent.

Tandem: Tandem gliders


There are three different categories.

1. The longest free distance flight in km (with no turnpoints - will be scored later)

2. The best flight (with 3 turnpoints and different values, see below and XContest rules )

3. The total accumulated points during the time for the comp (15/4-15/9)

Tracks value

  • Free flight (Free distance which not conform the triangle track specification. 1 km = 1,00 p
  • Flat triangle (Triangle which not conform FAI triangle specification. 1 km = 1,20 p
  • FAI triangle (Triangle conform to the FAI definition (the shortest leg of the triangle must be at least 28% of the total triangle). 1 km = 1,40 p

A flight may be scored as a triangle, when the distance between start point and finish point is less than 10% o f the entire distance as given by the 3 turn points. The scoring distance will then be given by the turn point distance, minus the gap (finish to start) distance.


All valid flights for AXCC must start at one of following take-off at Annecy (200m radius):


45 51'11.71 N

6 13'23.27 E

La Col de Forclaz

45 48'51.29 N

6 14'48.66 E

Time conditions

The AXCC is running from the 15 of April until the 15 of September.

All tracks must be uploaded within 14 days after the date of the flights except from flights done after the 1. September, which has to be uploaded at the latest on the 15 of September. This is due to all tracks need to be uploaded at the latest two days before the prize giving which is at the 17th of September.