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About XContest/XCTrack Beta testing program

Welcome on XContest/XCTrack beta testing program!

What is XContest/XCTrack beta testing program?

We like to share new exciting functions and features with you as soon as possible! Sometimes we need proper extensive testing before we are sure these features are ready for a public or stable version of XCTrack.

Is XContest/XCTrack beta testing program suitable for me?

Yes if:

  • you are a XContest and XCTrack user
  • you are a fan of new technologies
  • you understand at least basically how modern web/mobile apps work
  • you can live with occasional bugs/improper work of the XCTrack app
  • you are able to send us valuable bug report if anything doesn't work as expected

How can I take a part in the XContest/XCTrack beta testing program?

Login to XContest using your XContest username/password (in case you aren't) and register yourself - then follow instructions in registration e-mail.

What is new in XContest/XCTrack?

You can see all changes in changelog.

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