Category: FAI2 event

Term: 10 - 16. 5. 2009

Place: Levico Terme, Mt. Panarotta - Italy

Discipline: Paragliding - Cross Country

General organizer: AIR CENTRUM

Competition director: Karel Vejchodsky

Technical director: Vaclav Konecny

Category: FAI2 event

No tasks, no goals, no windows, NO STRESS...

Term: 4. 5. – 9. 5. 2009 (6 days)

Place:  Levico Terme, Mt. Panarotta - Italy


More information: english version

Více informací: česká verze

More information: english version

Více informací: česká verze

Registration form / Registrační formulář
Registration form / Registrační formulář


14. 5. 2009 - good weather for flying and competition task

Task 61 km around the Valsugana valley was set and more than 30 pilots did the goal. Cloudbases were low at 2.200 and less, so it was not easy. Because today morning on 15. 5. we have light rain, these resuls are final for PG CZECH OPEN. Congratulations to winners, thanks for great event and see you next time!

Paragliding Czech Open - 5. task

Paragliding Czech Open - overal

Paragliding Czech Open - overall  teams

Paragliding Czech Open - overall women

Paragliding Czech Open - czech ranking

Paragliding Czech Open - czech ranking women

Paragliding Czech Open - czech ranking serial class

13. 5. 2009 -  valid task

Difficult conditions and sky covered by high and middle clouds. More than 40 pilots flew over minimum distance 20km, the best pilot is Lucas Bernardin from France.

Paragliding Czech Open - 4. task
Paragliding Czech Open - overall after 4th task

12. 5. 2009 - no task

Today´s forecast for strong west wind and sky covered by cirrus was not good for safe competition task. After waiting at the take-off  and provisional 3. task the decision for cancelling competition task and free flying was taken. A lot of pilots flew down or used soft thermals around take-off area.

11. 5. 2009 - second valid task

Race to goal with goal in Feltre. Task committe set task with landing in Feltre. Cloudbase almost 3.000 meters was changed in Feltre valley and decreased to 1.500m and lower! Unfortunatelly air in Feltre valley was very humid and some pilots reported raining. The task was stopped at 4.24pm and only pilot in goal is Gianbasilio Profity from Italy.

Paragliding Czech Open - 2. task

Paragliding Czech Open - overall afer 2. task

Paragliding Czech Open - overall after 2. task teams

10. 5. 2009 - first day and first task!

Task 63 km has been set. Almost 50 pilots did the goal, conditions were very good with cloudbase over 2.700 meters. Petr Chromec /CZ/ is first, followed by Michal Šneiberg and Tomas Brauner (both CZ). Weather for next days is similar to todays conditions.

Preliminary results:

Paragliding Czech Open - 1. task


We have last 10 places for Czech Open 2009. If you would like to join the competition and you are at the waiting list, send us an e-mail and wait for our confirmation. Entry fee will be payable during registration process in Levico Terme.


23. 04. 2009 - Landing and competition office - CHANGE!!!

 The competition office will be held in Camping Due Laghi!

GPS coordinates of camp: 46.003092, 11.286274

The main landing will be big and official "Barco". There will be organized shuttle buses between landing and competition office (camping).


21. 04. 2009 - Newsletter for all registered pilots


20. 04. 2009 - Accomodation forum

Best prices for mobile homes are available in case of 4 persons per mobile home.

If you are less than 4 people or you are alone, try to find your companion here at  PGforum thread.

16. 02. 2009 - Alatus Trophy

Club from Levico Terme Volo Libero Trentino is organising Alatus Trophy event at Panarotta in term June 6-7. 2009. All pilots are welcomed!

16. 02. 2009 - Accomodation possibilities

We published accommodation services for pilots during both events. We ensured special conditions in camping Due Laghi for pilots and their families (friends). During next days we will publish offer for two hotels with discounts for pilots. There will be few restaurants which offer a discount for pilots. More informations will be actualized at Accommodation and Restaurants page.


If you are in the top of 500 of CIVL World Ranking or you join both events (Czech Open 2009 and Gradient XCamp 2009), you can pay promptly entry fee for successful registration process to be confirmed pilot.

Otherwise please wait until 1. April 2009 for confirmation email about your participation and payment approval. Earlier payment could be refused in case of full competition by better ranked pilots! This rule is not valid for women!

13. 01. 2009  - During Gradient XCamp 2009 will be organized prizegiving ceremony of winners "World XContest 2008"

Among invited pilots and winners of World XContest 2008 are: Rafael Saladini, Martin Bühler, Chrigel Maurer, Peter Wallner, Klaus Heimhofer, Uli Strasser, Wolfgang Bernhard, Michi Müller, Johann Kronberger, Klaudia Bulgakow, Regula Strasser, Anja Kroll, Tom Weissenberger, Davis Straub and Tony Marty.


Logos of both competitions, Paragliding Czech Open 2009 and XContest XCamp 2009 are published.


XContest XCamp 2009 will be FAI 2 event! It will be sanctioned within next few days....

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