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Advanced features

Importing IGC files

All IGC files are stored in a subdirectory 'gipsy' of your home directory, or, on Windows, in your Documents directory.

Upon startup GiPSy scans this directory. If it finds a new IGC file, it automatically imports this file into the GiPSy database. If you remove an IGC file, the corresponding entry is removed from the GiPSy database automatically.

Sorting flights by country and launch

The flights can be sorted either by date or by launch. The sort order is changed by clicking the top column name.

Flight options

Click on the flight with right button.


  • Open - open IGC file in another program (Windows only)
  • Show IGC file - Show source code of IGC file
  • Export to GPX - Export IGC file to GPS
  • Export to KML - Create KML file for Google Earth
  • Export to SVG - Create SVG file containing map, flight and profile
  • Create flight log - Create HTML flight log (you should select more flights)
  • Delete - Delete flight
  • Properties - Update properties of flight that are entered in GiPSy database


Selecting points to be included in IGC file

You can decide which points will be included in your IGC file. When you click the Advanced button, the screen changes to a new layout:

The red area can be dragged with mouse to the left and right. It is magnified into the bottom half of the screen, where you can select or deselect individual points.

File naming options

You can choose from 3 different ways to name your IGC files:

  • long name (YYYY-MM-DD-XPG-XXX-00.igc),
  • short name (YMDxxxx0.igc)
  • custom name (YYYY-MM-DD-Launch.igc).

The first two forms contains a 3-letter ID that should be unique for each pilot. The system automatically selects reasonable defaults, If you want to modify the behaviour anyway, use the Advanced tab on the 'Fill flight info' page.


Preferences can be found in menu File->Preferences

Automatic tracklog download

GiPSy tries to detect GPS on enabled ports. Just connect your GPS

Gipsy data directory

If you want to change location where GiPSy saves its files, you can change it here. You must restart Firefox (not only GiPSy itself) after this change.

Layout of gipsy directory

GiPSy saves your flights into subdirectory 'Pilot name'/year. If you want all your flights to be saved in the 'gipsy' directory, uncheck the checkbox.

Route optimizer

GiPSy cooperates with the hspoints optimizer, so that you can find the XContest score even when you are offline. In order to use this feature,  download the HSPoints optimizer binary for your platform and configure GiPSy. After downloading the binary ("chmod +x" the downloaded file on non-windows platforms), enter the preferences and configure at most 3 different types of scoring.

Next you need to compute the score - right-click (on Mac, tap with 2 fingers) the IGC flight and choose the scoring system you have configured previously.

The computed score can be shown on the map or displayed as a column in the flight list: