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[Thread] Gipsy in Fedora 15, permissions

Gipsy in Fedora 15, permissions
Author: Talie (+0) (-0) | Posted: 04.09.2011 * 08:28

Hallo Everyone,

I cannot transfer data from GPS to Gipsy. It says "open: Permission denied". How can I get permissions for such transfer in Linux?

Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you...

P.S. I had incredible flight I would like to download within the due date. :)

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    Author: ulisse (+0) (-0) | Posted: 17.09.2011 * 08:01

    probably you need to fix device permissinos, try this command in a terminal:

    su -

    (this one to become root, you'll be asked for your password)

    chmod 777 /dev/ttyS*

    or, if you use an serial/USB converter:

    chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB*

    (all unharmful things that you can easily revert to the original state just with a reboot)

    Once issued the commands, retry with GiPSy.

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