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Ελληνική Αεραθλητική Ομοσπονδία

Επιτροπή Αλεξιπτωτισμού Πλαγιάς

Dear Pilots!
Welcome to the HELLENIC XC CONTEST CUP 2024 the online cross-country flying competition running in Greece in 2024! Scoring of flights is based on tracklogs produced by flight recorders. Flight documentation must be uploaded to the XContest server for validation and scoring.
1. Organizer
The organizer is the Hellenic Paragliding Commission on behalf of Hellenic Aeronautical and Airsports Federation, in partnership with XContest.org.
2. Competitors
In the HELLENIC XC CONTEST CUP 2024 can compete any paragliding pilot who is an active member and athlete card holder of an official and active Greek Airsports Club according to the Greek Law and also holds a current National PILOT LICENCE IPPI-3 or above ,and third party and medical Insurance, according to the Hellenic Aeronautical and Airsports Federation rules.
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