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Cross Country Cup 2007

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Welcome to the Cross Country Cup 2007 (CCC).

Only pilots who compete in the CCC and payed the sports licence fee may claim flights on this website and will appear in the CCC rankings. If you want to participate in the CCC, you have to claim your flights on this site. Flights which are claimed on other systems will not count for the CCC.

All other pilots (who don't participate in the CCC) can claim their flights on the World XContest website. The World XContest provides a ranking over all national contests. So you can review and compare the flights of all pilots, whether they participate in the CCC or not.


30. 09. 2007 - Dear CCC Pilots,

The 2007 edition of the CCC is just over, and we are already starting again!
The ranking is known since 1 st October 2007 and will be definitive on 7 th October 2007!

The pilots now appearing in the final ranking are those only who paid their registration fee (sports licence).

All other pilots may of course still view their results in the World XContest or on their own account.

The rankings of the previous years are available in the archives of PG Web.

There is still a lot to be done on the new tool, which remains slightly awkward although it was generally very reliable throughout the year 2007. We are planning a faster, much more sophisticated system than the one currently in use. We are grateful for your patience during the occasional tricky hours of system jams and also for your helpful tips and suggestions that helped us a lot to improve the system. Thank you all!

For questions or suggestions, please contact sport@shv-fsvl.ch .

Many thanks for your participation und best wishes for the upcoming flying year 2008!

Angela Graf (Baumgartner)


18. 04. 2007 - WICHTIG! Der Geldbetrag für die SHV - Sportlizenz muss bis zum 30. April 2007 auf dem Konto des SHV eingegangen sein. Nur dann zählen Deine Flüge auch rückwirkend für die CCC Rangliste 2007! Sende das Antragsformular ausgefüllt an:

sport@shv-fsvl.ch oder SHV, Seefeldstrasse 224, 8008 Zürich


IMPORTANT! Le montant correspondant au règlement de la licence sportive FSVL doit impérativement être comptabilisé sur le compte de la FSVL d'ici au 30 avril 2007. A cette condition seulement tes vols pourront être pris en compte (également rétroactivement) pour le classement CCC 2007! N'oublie pas d'envoyer le formulaire de demande dûment rempli soit par courriel, soit par poste:

sport@shv-fsvl.ch ou FSVL, Seefeldstrasse 224, 8008 Zurich


01. 03. 2007 - The CCC online system is finally set up. Now you can register and claim flights. If you have already made flights during this season, you can claim all of them. From now on, you have to claim your flights within 2 weeks after the flight date.

Basic structure:

Left menu: contains references to pages with informations about flights, pilots and ranking in particular classes. Furthermore you can find here rules and F.A.Q. (later)
Right menu: for "users", contains references to pages which can user (pilot) use for registration, flight claim,pilot profile management, etc.


If you have any questions about flight validation, please contact Werner Berweger or Paul Hasenfratz
If you have any questions about technical reasons of the CCC online system, please contact Dominik Mauchle
If you have any questions about the CCC or other questions, please contact Angela Baumgartner

Main goal of XContest project:

The Swiss Cross Country Cup runs on the platform of the XContest project.

The main idea of XContest system is to provide pilots with most well-arranged and simple as possible online cross country contest. The XContest project wants to provide world wide all important information about flights and pilots. The aim during the flight information browsing is to give all users the opportunity to view all important data available from tracklogs. No additional software is required.

XContest is member of FAI/CIVL working group to arrange an unique international scoring, it means to arrange an interface solution between more XC servers. Now we are discussing basic details and rules.


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