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World XContest 2008 [deutsch version]

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Wie möchten dich auf der Homepage des XC Systems World XContest 2008 herzlich willkommen heissen.


29. 06. 2008 - Flights from DHV-XC and LEONARDO servers in Daily score!

As the first product of cooperation with DHV and Leonardo/Paraglidingforum you can start to browse all the flights from these providers directly in Daily score

Flights are mixed together with "home" XContest flights, differentiated with another background and icon of provider under the link, which goes directly to the server of origin to the new browser window. Perfect overview of flying around the world each day!

External flights have NO effect for Ranking categories.

24. 06. 2008 - XContest in full interactive 3D - special feature!

3D pictureFrom now you can enjoy flight view in 3D mode directly in flight detail at XContest! In the flight detail simply click on "G Earth 3D" button and allow installing the Google Earth Plug-in to your browser for the first time. Then you will be able to see all flights in 3D mode.

The Google Earth Plug-in currently supports the following web browsers on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems:

  • IE 6.0+, 7.0+
  • Firefox 3.0x, 2.x or 2.0x
  • Netscape 7.1+
  • Mozilla 1.4+
  • Flock 1.0+

Support for other operating systems is planned in future releases of Google Earth Plug-in.

03. 05. 2008 - Bienvenido Mexico!
Mexico is first non-european country with official national ranking at XContest. We are looking forward for great flights from country of strong thermals and tequila!

25. 03. 2008 - New partial contests - "ALPS region" and "Visegrad 4"

We launched special filter at World XContest. Now you can filter all flight lists, daily score and scoring of each category for the following regions:

ALPS regionVisegrad 4 regionALPS region and Visegrad 4 (Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland).

For the flight valid to the region the take-off must be inside the given area.

01. 03. 2008 -  LATVIA with national contest 

Latvia is another country with official national XC ranking at XContest system. Welcome! :-)

29. 02. 2008 -  NEW SERVER
We go live with new server today in the night. Therefore we suppose XContest server will be inaccesible today from 11 p.m. for few hours. Thanks for understanding.

23. 12. 2007 -  PF 2008
We wish you Merry Christmas, happy New Year 2008 and a lot of beautiful flights and safe landings in coming season!


On 14. 11. 2007 three Brazilian pilots Frank Brown, Rafael Saladini and Marcelo Prieto flew together new WR - incredible 461 km! You can check flights of Rafael and Marcelo in XContest system and continue in dreaming... CONGRATULATIONS! Rafael Saladini is currently Nr. 1 in World XContest with 3 flights over 400 km and huge lead ahead of others.

14. 11. 2007
- We would like to announce close partnership between XContest and Cross Country magazine. First issue of this cooperation is here:

Enter your flights in the XContest and you could win a free subscription to Cross Country magazine, or a DVD of your choice.

As part of our partnership Cross Country is offering free prizes to those that participate in the league. Just before each issue of Cross Country is printed, the names of three pilots who’ve entered scores in the last two months will be randomly selected by our computer. Prizes for the winners of the different categories will be announced later in the year, but in the meantime you don’t need to be a champion to be a winner, so get those flights logged.

01.10.2007 – Das XContest System 2008 läuft. Ihr könnt euch nun anmelden und Flüge erfassen.



Menü links: beinhaltet Hinweise zu Seiten mit Informationen über Flüge, Piloten und Ranglisten nach Flugkategorien. Dort findest du auch das Regelement und FAQs.


Menü rechts: für Benutzer (Piloten), beinhaltet Hinweise zu Seiten, die Piloten benutzen, um sich anzumelden, Flüge einzugeben, ihr Profil zu ändern usw.


Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass euch die unmittelbare Zusammenarbeit mit dem neuen XContest System und seinem einfachen Erfassungssystem volle Zufriedenheit bringen wird. Wir hoffen, ihr werdet das einzigartige Angebot an Flugdetails, interaktiven Karten und weitere Einrichtungen geniessen.


Hauptziel des XContest Project:


Ausgeführt wird der XContest auf einer Internet-Plattform, die vom XContest Team zur Verfügung gestellt wird.


Die Grundidee des XContest Systems ist es, den Piloten einen möglichst gut aufgestellten und einfachen Online Cross Country Contest anzubieten. Das Projekt XContest ist bestrebt, wichtige Informationen über Flüge und Piloten weltweit anzubieten. Jeder Besucher soll bei der Suche nach Flügen auf der Webseite die Möglichkeit haben, alle wichtigen Tracklog-Informationen anschauen zu können. Dazu ist kein weiteres Programm erforderlich.



email: support@xcontest.org