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Basic rules

Briefing with weather report will be held every morning in the office close to the camp. After arrive to the take-off each pilot choose his route and launch time. Turnpoints will not need to be declared before flight and pilot can make decision about route during his flight, according to the actuall conditions. Afer return from the flight the track will be scored. The scoring system is simple and is based on the idea of many XC contest (OLC, PGweb XContest...).

Director of competition has right to stop the day any time in case of worsening weather under safe level in flying corridor or in case of objective reason. In this case tracklogs will be optimized and scored until time of stopping.

Scoring rules:

Distance over maximum 3 turnpoints: 1 km = 1,0 point

Distance over a circuit (out and back and triangles): 1 km=1,2 points

FAI triangles: 1 km= 1,6 points

Flight will be scored as a closed circuit if the distance between starting point and finish point is less than 5% of the total distace of the circuit.

For the final ranking each pilot will score of three best flights.

Minimum distance: 5 km