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Welcome to the Annecy XC challenge!

The AXCC is free to enter and open for all paragliding pilots of all nationalities taking off from one of the two take-offs Planfait or Col de la Forclaz in Annecy. The Annecy XC challenge is meant to be a fun and relaxed competition for pilots of all levels.

We hope that the Annecy XC challenge will give some extra motivation to all pilots flying XC in the Annecy area and make them fly their best and hopefully break their personal bests. We also hope that it will give the inspiration to learn from each other and also from studying other pilots track-logs to learn new "ways" of flying in the Annecy area.

The AXCC is running from the 15 of April until the 15 of September. On the 17th September there will be a party and prize giving at the Paragliding Shop "Les Passagers du vents" next to the Planfait landing area.

We are happy to announce that we have managed to get a lot of sponsors who are helping us with offering very fine prizes for all categories. As up to today it is not yet decided what prizes will be for each category. But we already know that we will be able to offer prizes in form of cash and equipment for a value of more than 5000 Euro!!! Our Sponsors are Les Passagers du vents, Les Grands Espaces, SupAir, RipAir, Flytec and the commune of Talloires.


/ erik rehnfeldt - organizer




Le « Annecy XC Challenge » est une compétition amicale, ouverte à tous qui volent à Annecy. Il fautsimplement décoller de Planfait ou du col de la Forclaz. Il y a de classements pour les ailes, "sport" (tous ailes) et "fun" (DHV 1, 1-2 et 2). Le challenge est de faire le plus grand vol, les plus points (XContest) et le plus grande distance accumulé... Bref, quelque chose pour tous les niveaux !

Grâce à plusieurs sponsors généreux il y a cinq mille euros de prix à gagner à une fête et un remise des prix chez Passagers du Vent (atterrissage de Planfait) le 17 septembre. On va aussi faire un grand loterie pour tous pilots qui a fait au minimum un vol de cross. Tous ont un bon chance a gagner quelque chose.

La compétition dure du 15 avril jusqu'au 15 septembre. Pour déclarer un vol il faut simplement télécharger la trace GPS vers www.xcontest.org/axcc

Pour toutes renseignements contacter Erik Rehnfeldt à annecyxcchallenge@live.com

Salutations thermiques


Notre sponsors:

Les Passagers du Vent, Les Grandes Espaces, Sup'air, Rip'air, Flytec, Cross Country magazine et la commune de Tailloires.

Erik Rehnfeldt