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GiPSy Flight Manager

GiPSy Flight Manager is an extension for FireFox web browser that provides:

  • downloading flight tracklogs from your GPS instrument and creating IGC in a very easy and intuitive way
  • well arranged and usable logbook of all your flights
  • route optimization - you can compute the best route that you will be scored in XContest even when you are not connected to the internet (see description of advanced features on how to configure it)

GiPSy is closely integrated with the XContest system. GiPSy currently runs on  Windows,   Linux OS (x86) and Mac OSX (both Intel and PowerPC platforms).

GiPSy supports these GPS units:

  • Garmin
  • Aircotec
  • MLR/Digifly/CoMo
  • Brauniger Compeo/Competino, Flytec 5020/5030
  • Flymaster

GiPSy speaks to you in English, Czech, German (thanks to Anton Holly), French (thanks to Dominik Mauchle), Hungarian (thanks to Benedek Bence), Polish (thanks to Marcin Skowron), Italian (thanks to Bruno Brugnolo) and Romanian (Daniel Pop).

Version 1.7.0 (22.4.2011): Officially accepted firefox 4.0 addon

GiPSy is released as freeware, developed by Ondřej Palkovský with the support of XContest team. The source code of GiPSy is currently available on github.

Installation - download

  • Firefox 3.x, Firefox 4.x for Linux x86, x86_64, Windows x86 and MacOSX 10 PowerPC and Intel platforms you can install the package from addons.mozilla.org, rate it, write a positive review and help us make it an official firefox extension.
  • For older Firefox 2.0: Installation package: gipsy_1.1.xpi - 5.4 MB /released 19.06.2008/ - for Linux x86 and Windows

Read a short tutorial that explains basic steps how to install and use this software.

Read a description of more advanced features.


If you want to add support for this software to your system, download Linux validator or Windows validator.