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XC India 2016
Paragliders - GIFMANIA

Dear Pilot,

Welcome to the Home Page of XC India 2016, an online XC contest. The XContest India [XC INDIA] is a competition in which all pilots regardless of flight experience and age are given the opportunity to evaluate their flights and to compare them with others.The idea is to connect all pilots (serious cross country pilots or recreational pilots) according to their time and financial possibilities.It is the pleasure of flying that connects all the participants. If you’d like to participate in this contest, you have to claim your flights on this site XContest.org/india/ .


18.11.2015 - Changes to the site radius from 50KMs to 35KMs

Maximum 2 best flights were considered from a site for the final score. We have reduced the radius of site from 50 kms to 35 kms. With the previous 50KM rule Billing take-off and Manali Take-Offs were not considered as two sites but one site. In the interest of keeping Manali and Bir both in the contest the site radius has been reduced to 35kms.

03.06.2015 - Club 100K+

The 100k club scoring has simplified rules: the score counts of 100k+ flights regardless of the takeoff/site used

02.06.2015 - Game On

The XC India 2015 is online. You can now submit all flights since 1st Jan 2015. Currently there is no deadline to submit flights until the end of competition season(31st Dec 2015) but this may change for next season.

Basic page structure:

Left menu: Contains references to pages with information about flights, pilots and ranking in particular classes. Here you can also find rules and FAQ’s.
Right menu: ‘For Pilots’ contains references to pages which the pilot can use for registration, flight claims, pilot profile management, etc.

Administrator contact:

If you have any questions about the XC India competition, or any suggestions for improvements or alterations regarding the competition or content on the site, please contact:
Alok Mihani: alokmihani@gmail.com

ph. +91-9980915533