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Ranking - Club 100+

This category includes all pilots who have logged at least 1 flight over 100 km. Ranking is given by the number of such flights. In the case of equal number of flights over 100k the second aspect for ranking is the longest flight of pilot

Number of scoring pilots in this category: 14

  1. Krishan Kant Bhagra [zahir]
    9x [max. 180.42 km]
  2. Sunith Rao [Sunith_Rao]
    7x [max. 144.18 km]
  3. Richard Binstead [rbinstead]
    6x [max. 167.89 km]
  4. Jigish Gohil [cyberorg]
    5x [max. 206.83 km]
  5. mark trigg [marktrigg]
    5x [max. 183.86 km]
  6. Daksh Nain [dakshnain]
    4x [max. 196.36 km]
  7. Abhijeet Avate [haddock]
    4x [max. 154.52 km]
  8. shanker singh [shankersingh]
    4x [max. 129.69 km]
  9. Sachin Pathare [sachin_pg]
    3x [max. 146.53 km]
  10. Raghu Madanala [mad_rag]
    3x [max. 138.75 km]
  11. QUN QUN [QUN]
    3x [max. 104.70 km]
  12. Vistasp Kharas [Viz]
    1x [max. 232.35 km]