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XContest UK 2021

Welcome to the XCONTEST UK

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Welcome to XContest UK

Share your XC adventures and learn from the tracklogs of others. XContest UK is open to all pilots and there is a simple ranking system: your top 6 flights that started in the United Kingdom count. This seasonal competition begins on 1 October every year.

This is different!

1. Simple: No need to declare tasks, just go fly and the system will score you as either open distance, or closed circuit.
2. Automated: No computer hassles! Download the free XCtrack app (or use your preferred livetracking platform) to automatically log your flights when you land.
3. Unifying freeflight: It is open to hang-gliders and paragliders
4. Fair ranking: Each category of aircraft has its own ranking, and paragliders have various classes.
5. Compete for your club! The best 6 pilots from each club help to elevate its reputation.


1. Be quick: Submit your flight tracklog (IGC file) within 14 days. Our system is robust and accepts a wide range of file formats.
2. Be good: Flights must be conducted in accordance with UK law. The pilot is solely responsible for ensuring this compliance. If your flight passes through airspace, the flight is disqualified unless you email evidence of your permission, to xc at flywithgreg.com.
3. Be helpful: This platform just collects flight tracks to help pilots have access to a simple inclusive learning tool and fun competition. We don't process complaints, police the sport or listen to politics. Please use Google and Youtube to solve your technical issues.


Free distance: 1 km = 1 point
Flat triangle: 1 km = 1.5 points (a closed circuit flight with less than 5% of the total distance remaining to return to the start)
FAI Triangle: 1 km = 2 points (the shortest leg of the triangle must be at least 28% of the total triangle)
Club scores: Hang-gliders are handicapped by 0.8 and Rigid-Wings by 0.7 in the club scoring
Categories: Hang-glider (FAI 1), Rigid (FAI 5), Paraglider: Open (CCC) Serial (EN D) Sport (EN C) Standard (EN A/B) and Tandem

Entry Fee

It is free! This competition is financed by Greg Hamerton as a pilot development project. To improve your XC skills or show your support you can become a member on FlyWithGreg.com. If you like XContest UK, tell your friends about it, and go fly XC.

To enter, just REGISTER for this competition and all flights you submit to XContest AFTER THAT DATE will show up here.

Having Trouble?

Flights you claimed BEFORE registration into the UK contest will not be claimed automatically (the process is automatic only if the flight is claimed AFTER your registration). Please go to World XContest - My flights -> edit flight -> add checkmark to XContest UK -> Save.

If you have questions or comments please contact the administrator via xc at flywithgreg.com