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United States XContest 2024

Welcome to the United States XContest

USHPA has sponsored a US League on XContest.org that is open to all USHPA members. This is an online system to track flights that occur within the competition time period. Pilots earn points for flights based on various calculation methods. Flights are submitted online based on the output of flight recorders (in IGC format from a single instrument).

The rankings will be based on the six highest-scoring flights in the United States for each pilot. The rules and scoring parameters will match the world XContest, starting on October 1 and ending on September 30 each year.

How to participate

  1. Register as a Pilot on xcontest.org (only needed if you've never registered before)
  2. Register with the US League
  3. Pay $5 registration fee
  4. Go flying
  5. Upload your flight to xcontest.org Flight Claim


The standard World XContest rules will be used, with a couple of small exceptions. Complete rules are available on the USA XContest Rules page.

The winners will be recognized in the following categories, based on glider class, mirroring the USHPA National Champion categories:


  • Competition Class
  • C Class
  • B Class
  • Womens Class
Hang Gliding
  • Open Class 1
  • Sport Class 1
  • Single Surface Class 1
  • Womens Class
  • Class 2
  • Class 5

The pilot with the most points in each scoring class at the end of the season, is the "US League XContest Champion" for this class for that year. Results are available directly on the US League XContest page (click the "United States XContest" pull-down to select a previous year, then click a "Ranking category" on the left). Results are also posted on US National Champions

Three types of flights are possible, with different multipliers. Free flight, flat triangle, and FAI triangle. Any flight that doesn’t qualify as a triangle will be scored as free flight, where the distance is optimized through three waypoints. Free flight tracks score 1 point per kilometer. Any triangle that does not conform to the FAI specification will earn 1.2 points per kilometer if closed within 20% of the total distance and 1.4 points per kilometer if closed within 5% of the total distance. Triangles where no leg is shorter than 28% of the total distance count as FAI triangles and earn 1.4 points per kilometer if closed within 20% of the total distance and 1.6 points per kilometer if closed within 5% of the total distance. The XContest software will automatically optimize your tracklog and choose the flight type that results in the highest score.

To keep the scores current throughout the season, track logs must be uploaded within 14 days of the flight. Logs must be uploaded in IGC format with a valid G record.

All flights must be conducted in accordance with applicable air law and any flight found to be in violation of airspace, including Class A, will be disqualified. Foot-launch, towing, and aerotowing (hang gliders only) are permitted. For tow-launch flights, the maximum release altitude is 3,280 ft (1 km) AGL.


Each pilot will be required to pay a $5 fee to cover the per-pilot costs of scoring the contest. Submit your payment after registering, here.

Administrator contact

If you have any questions about the United States XContest, or any suggestions for improvements or alterations, please contact: Reavis Sutphin-Gray: reavis@sutphin-gray.com ph. 415-684-8626