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World XContest 2020 [français version]

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Nous te souhaitons la bienvenue sur la nouvelle page d’accueil du site World XContest 2020.


Looks like the spring is coming to Europe!

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🏆The 2022 Paramotor World XContest ended last month but we have not forgotten to celebrate new WINNERS! 🏆 🪂Paramotor foot-launched (RPF): 🥇First place belongs for the first time to the Lithuanian pilot Vytautas Gelbuda with his longest and incredible FAI triangle flight 433 km in the UK (7226p.). 🇱🇹 🥈Second place flies to Austria – Thomas Pilger's seasonal total maximum was 6341 points achieved by FAI triangles, the longest 403km. 🇦🇹 🥉And third place with 5116 points has been won by Octavio Rodrigues from France with his longest FAI triangle 283 km. 🇫🇷 🪂Paramotor trike (RPL): 🥇First standing goes to Laurent Niot from France. 🇫🇷 He has won by great flights taking off near Paris with his best FAI triangle flight 375km (total 8062p.). 🇫🇷 🥈Second place goes to the German pilot Ralf Tschai Baurer. He succeeded with great FAI triangles with the longest 352km (7787p.). 🇩🇪 🥉Third in category is the winner from last season Benoit Squizzato from France with his best flight 344km FAI triangle (6215p.).️ 🇫🇷 We CONGRATULATE them and wish ALL of you a great new Paramotor XContest season 2023! 😎 For the 2022 paramotor ranking (RPF & RPL), please visit: https://paramotors.xcontest.org/2022/world/en/

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Flying tandem with EN-C glider? More than 300km? From Uruguay 🇺🇾 to Brazil 🇧🇷? With own wife? Why not! No hay problema para Joaquin Stable 😎

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The first 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ in the Alps in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ ❗️

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The World XContest winner 2022 Timo Leonetti is probably the first paragliding pilot ever who broke 500k on two different continents. 🌎🌍 What's more, he has archived it during the same XContest season. Congratulations Timo for the African record - 562 km 🇿🇦👏

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