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World XContest 2024 [version espagnol]

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Queremos darles la bienvenida a la página mundial del World XContest 2024.



XContest LIVE web update! It still looks the same at first glance, but there are a few new features under the hood. . . . #1 Pilot search. A neat way to find your horse. #2 Redesigned pilots filter. Watch only the herd that interest you. #3 Multiple devices of one pilot. Now you can display correctly each separate track. 4# Improved UI responsivity. Doesn't matter if there are 2000 pilots on the screen, it responds just as quickly. What's next? Something that you all wanted....:)


Epic flight and a new FAI triangle US record flown by Galen Kirkpatrick!


Thank you Timo Leonetti for being part of XContest. Your passion, desire, talent and joy of flying was a great inspiration to all of us. You will live as a legend in our hearts. 🤍 . . . . 📷 from XContest.org


English breakfast 🫖 on #XContest #live now


This season's first 300km+ FAI triangle on a paraglider!


First 300 km closed flat triangle on paraglider in 🇺🇸! Mythical Owens Valley, the cradle of ancient paragliding XC records, showed that there's more to the story!