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World XContest 2022 [deutsch version]

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Wie möchten dich auf der Homepage des XC Systems World XContest 2022 herzlich willkommen heissen.


This is a truly refreshing performance, given the area 🇧🇷 and the season!

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🏆 World XContest 2021 champions - ♀️ WOMEN ♀️ ! 🥇1st: Rising star, Serena Ronchi is a Swiss pilot 🇨🇭️ who had an incredible season. She spent 4 months in Brazil and won the Women category for the first time! Her best performance, 316 km from Quixadá contributed to a total score of 1784 points and is one of her 32 flights above 100 km! 🥈2nd: Silver goes to France - Claire Garnesson with all homeland flights. Her best flight, a 182 km blue triangle from Col de Bleyne helped her achieve 1531 p. 🇫🇷 🥉3rd: Last year's medalist, Ramona Eckert from Germany,has returned to the virtual podium with a bronze medal! 🇩🇪 She made incredible triangles in the Alps with the best performance in the Pustertal arena (225 free triangle from Antholz) with a total of 1497 points. We very much CONGRATULATE you girls, hope you will enjoy the next season 2022 too! Check the women ranking here: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-women/

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🏆The 2021 World XContest has just ended and we have new paragliding and hang-gliding WINNERS! 🏆 This season in OPEN category was again a battle of Brazil record chasing flights 🇧🇷. But also many great European triangles were achieved within this pandemic year 🦠. 🥇First place belongs for the first time to the Bulgarian pilot Veso Ovcharov with his longest flight 535 km and total score 2788 points 🇧🇬 Former XContest winner - Alex Robé - wrote under his flight on 9 Nov 2020 a comment "Almost time to celebrate 2021 XContest victory! :-))" - and he was completely right 😎 🥈Second place flies to the paragliding nation France - Timo Leonetti's seasonal total maximum was 2652 points achieved by amazing Brazilian free flights and French triangles 🇫🇷 🥉And third place with 2527 points has been won by Dominic Rohner from Switzerland with his longest flight 538 km from Cauco 🇨🇭 We CONGRATULATE them and wish ALL of you a great new XContest season 2022! 😎 For the ranking of the OPEN category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-open/

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The first 500k of the season...or the last? 🤔

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We just released improved XContest #livetracking web UI. Enjoy!

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