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World XContest 2022 [deutsch version]

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Wie möchten dich auf der Homepage des XC Systems World XContest 2022 herzlich willkommen heissen.


🏆Now is the time to present World XContest heroes in the PG category STANDARD (max EN-B)🏆 🥇First place is not a surprise, because Chris Vuille has the bronze in Sport category! Chris really enjoys being in the air. In his best 6 flights, he does not have a flight under 10 hours! What an outstanding performance on his B wing! (2314p.). 🇨🇭️ 🥈Silver medal (and 5th in Sport category) belongs to Damian Lestarpe from Argentina with amazing towing free flights from General La Madrid (413km, Buenos Aires) and Brazilian Assu (2155p.). 🇦🇷 🥉And third place goes to Germany - Hans Walcher has achieved the bronze by cool mix FAI triangle flights from the Alps - Antholz (best 249km), Fiesch and Hochfelln (2061p.) 🇩🇪 We very much CONGRATULATE all winning pilots and check below the Standard standing! https://www.xcontest.org/2023/world/en/ranking-pg-standard/

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🏆Today we present World XContest 2023 winners in PG category SPORT (max EN-C) 🏆 What an incredible performance by our Alpine winners.🏔 🥇The first place goes to Alexander Robé again from Austria 🇦🇹, as he won the Serial category on EN-C paraglider. His second best flight was 315 km triangle from Italian Antholz (see photo) (2659p.). ️️ 🥈Silver standing goes to the XContest long time champion from Italy. 🇮🇹️️ Kurt Eder flew his best flights traditionally in the Pustertal arena. The longest one (289km FAI triangle) was also from Antholz (flying on the same day as Lex) (total 2484p.). 🥉Third place belongs to Chris Vuille from Switzerland️️.🇨🇭 He used his home playground, where he painted blue and green triangles on his EN-B glider! The best one is 256km FAI triangle from his favourite site Fiesch (total 2314p.).️ We very much CONGRATULATE all winning pilots and wish you a great new XContest season 2024! For the ranking in the SPORT category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2023/world/en/ranking-pg-sport/

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🏆 We would like to present now winners of the SERIAL category (max. EN-D)🏆 : 🥇The gold goes to two-time XContest winner Alexander Robé from Austria. This year he won the Serial category on EN-C glider with blue triangles in the Austrian-Italian Alps. The longest one from Defereggen has 316km and contributed to his total score 2659 points. 🇦🇹 🥈The second place flies to German pilot Fabian Buhl. 🇩🇪 He took advantage of the great August weather at Col d'Izoard, where he flew his so far best FAI triangle 301km (2590pts). 🥉And third place with 2504 points belongs to the Swiss pilot Paul Neuenschwander, who flew all his six best flights in his home mountains. The longest is the 342km free triangle from Niesen. 🇨🇭 We CONGRATULATE you guys and wish you a great new XContest season 2024! For the ranking in the SERIAL category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2023/world/en/ranking-pg-serial/ #XContest #XContestWinners #xcmag

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🏆 World XContest 2023 champions - ♀️ WOMEN ♀️ ! After two years, we have a fantastically identical podium among female paragliders. The girls flew particularly well on the European mountain playground. 🥇1st: Serena Ronchi won again, but this time with the best flights from her native Switzerland. 🇨🇭️ After a tough previous year, she managed to come back even stronger. Her best flight is from Niesen, 311km free triangle. She scored a respectable 1907 points. 🥈2nd: Silver Claire Garnesson from France with all homeland flights. 🇫🇷 She flew three FAI triangle flights over 200km, the longest one from Col de Bleyne had 217km and helped her achieve 1830 p. 🥉3rd: And the bronze goes to Ramona Eckert from Germany.🇩🇪 From Austrian Defereggen she flew her record blue triangle of 267km and her total score is 1795 points. We very much CONGRATULATE you girls, hope you will enjoy the next season 2024 too! Check the women ranking here: https://www.xcontest.org/2023/world/en/ranking-pg-women/ #XContest #XContestWinners #xcmag

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🏆 The 2023 World XContest has just officially ended and we have new paragliding and hang-gliding WINNERS! 🏆 It looks like the French are definitively taking over the World XContest. The top three pilots in the OPEN category are "Gallic roosters" with some amazing flights from their home Alps. 🇫🇷 🥇The first standing belongs again to Timo Leonetti. He scored from 6 different sites, in 4 different countries and over 3 continents! He gained a record amount of points (3217p.) in history of XContest with longest flights from Brazil (569km), South Africa, France and Italy. 🥈The second place was defended by incredible pilot Edouard Potel. This year he can be literally called the August finisher. He flew 5 of his best flights in August in the French Alps (best FAI triangle 333km from Col d'Izoard) and scored total 2951 points. 🥉And the third place with 2750 points belongs to Julien Irilli. His six best flights from six different launches were also flown in the French Alps. The best one was FAI triangle 330km from Col d'Izoard together with Edouard. We CONGRATULATE them and wish ALL of you a great new XContest season 2024! 😎 For the ranking of the OPEN category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2023/world/en/ranking-pg-open/ #XContest #XContestWinners #xcmag

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