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World XContest 2021 [français version]

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Nous te souhaitons la bienvenue sur la nouvelle page d’accueil du site World XContest 2021.


200k+ FAI triangles in the southern hemisphere? The area around Catedral looks really promising! 🇦🇷

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🏆 We would like to present now winners of SERIAL category (max. EN-D)🏆 : 🥇The first place goes to the silver Open medalist @Timo Leonetti from France 🇫🇷 so there is probably no surprise that he has also won category on EN-D glider. Huge achievement! He is currently leading the 2022 World XContest, will he stay there? 😎 🥈The second place also belongs to Swiss pilot 🇨🇭 Sebastian Benz flew incredible flights at home and in Brazil, the most valuable free flight from Assu had 429km and 262 km FAI triangle from Brunni contributed to total score 2326 points. 🥉And third place with 2220 points goes again to France 🇫🇷 Justin Puthod with all FAI triangles from French Alpes with the best 268km from Soleil Boeuf. We CONGRATULATE you guys and wish you a great new XContest season 2022! For the ranking in the SERIAL category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-serial/

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This is a truly refreshing performance, given the area 🇧🇷 and the season!

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🏆 World XContest 2021 champions - ♀️ WOMEN ♀️ ! 🥇1st: Rising star, Serena Ronchi is a Swiss pilot 🇨🇭️ who had an incredible season. She spent 4 months in Brazil and won the Women category for the first time! Her best performance, 316 km from Quixadá contributed to a total score of 1784 points and is one of her 32 flights above 100 km! 🥈2nd: Silver goes to France - Claire Garnesson with all homeland flights. Her best flight, a 182 km blue triangle from Col de Bleyne helped her achieve 1531 p. 🇫🇷 🥉3rd: Last year's medalist, Ramona Eckert from Germany,has returned to the virtual podium with a bronze medal! 🇩🇪 She made incredible triangles in the Alps with the best performance in the Pustertal arena (225 free triangle from Antholz) with a total of 1497 points. We very much CONGRATULATE you girls, hope you will enjoy the next season 2022 too! Check the women ranking here: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-women/

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🏆The 2021 World XContest has just ended and we have new paragliding and hang-gliding WINNERS! 🏆 This season in OPEN category was again a battle of Brazil record chasing flights 🇧🇷. But also many great European triangles were achieved within this pandemic year 🦠. 🥇First place belongs for the first time to the Bulgarian pilot Veso Ovcharov with his longest flight 535 km and total score 2788 points 🇧🇬 Former XContest winner - Alex Robé - wrote under his flight on 9 Nov 2020 a comment "Almost time to celebrate 2021 XContest victory! :-))" - and he was completely right 😎 🥈Second place flies to the paragliding nation France - Timo Leonetti's seasonal total maximum was 2652 points achieved by amazing Brazilian free flights and French triangles 🇫🇷 🥉And third place with 2527 points has been won by Dominic Rohner from Switzerland with his longest flight 538 km from Cauco 🇨🇭 We CONGRATULATE them and wish ALL of you a great new XContest season 2022! 😎 For the ranking of the OPEN category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-open/

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