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World XContest 2019 [français version]

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Nous te souhaitons la bienvenue sur la nouvelle page d’accueil du site World XContest 2019.


Maybe the longest FAI from the winch...and from Brazil as well!

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World XContest 2018 WINNERS in PG categories SPORT (max EN-C) and STANDARD (max EN-B)🏆 What an incredible performance by our 3 winners. All winning pilots were flying on their EN-B gliders and even occupied the EN-C category stand 🤗 🥇 First standing in categories SPORT&STANDARD goes to Italy 🇮🇹️️, Manuele Dondi won with 1948 points by 6 FAI triangles above 200km mostly from Antholz. 🥈Second standing in categories SPORT&STANDARD belongs Oliver Teubert from Germany 🇩🇪️️. He succeeded with great FAI triangles in the Alps with the longest 260km (total 1863p.). 🥉And third in categories SPORT&STANDARD is Swiss pilot Toni Brügger by flying 200km FAI triangles from home takeoffs (total 1845p.).🇨🇭️ We very much CONGRATULATE all winning pilots for their DOUBLE within XContest categories! https://www.xcontest.org/2018/world/en/ranking-pg-sport/ https://www.xcontest.org/2018/world/en/ranking-pg-standard/

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XContest is proud to announce two new national contests in the South America - Peru and Ecuador! For more information, please go to: 🇵🇪️ https://www.xcontest.org/peru/ 🇪🇨️ https://www.xcontest.org/ecuador/

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Free distance world record is near - Michael Sigel, Dominik Welti and Christian Erne over 500k mark yesterday!

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Brazilian season is again here!

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