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New Zealand Cross Country Championship 2020/21

Welcome to the New Zealand XC Paragliding Championship
  • XContest has recently replaced Leonardo as the platform for the New Zealand Cross Country Paragliding Championship
  • Make sure that you register for the New Zealand competition
  • Scoring parameters and other rules can be found on the Rules page
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  • 29.08.2020 Championship Results

    Last Season Wrap Up

    (April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020)

    Big shout out to all pilots who flew and logged their flights in our biggest season to date. A total of 1923 flights, which has almost doubled in two seasons. We had 12 flights over 100km including Louis’ record breaking 196km triangle. A bunch of site records broken and from all accounts a pretty cracking season. Congratulations to Louis who has won the championship for the 2ndseason in a row.

    Here are a few highlights:

    • A 196km FAI triangle, (Tapper, 196km, Treble Cone)
    • A 124km North Island flat triangle, (Tapper, 124km, Kaimai)
    • A new open distance record for Kaimai (MacDonald, 84.1km, Kaimai)
    • A new open distance record for Moirs Hill (Ripley, 98.2km, Moirs Hill)
    • This epic flight across the alps (Hughes-Games, 107km, Mt Murchison)
    • Biggest non-triangle free-flight (Karnik, 130km, Coronet Peak)
    • Twelve NZ 100km+ flights

    This current season is already kicking off with a few XC flights down south and we are looking forward to an epic summer!


    2020 NZ XC Champions and Category Winners

    * 1st place and 2020 NZ XC Champion: Louis Tapper

    * 1st Runner Up: Mark MacDonald

    * 2nd Runner Up: Nick Neynens

    * 2020 Women's XC Champion: Sanae Noguchi


    Check out all the results here

  • 05.07.2020 Macpara Book draw

    Congratulations to Jeff Ripley who has won the Macpara book draw for the 19/20 season! Jeff has won his choice of book from the CrossCountry online book store.

    Macpara NZ are once again sponsoring the book draw for their fifth season in a row. To be in the draw all you need to do is submit one (valid) local flight on the New Zealand XContest.

    Big thanks to Nick Taber and Macpara for keeping the XC spirit alive.

  • 09.04.2020 New Season

    The new XContest season has started for New Zealand and flying is permitted again!

    Have fun and STAY SAFE!

  • 22.02.2020 North Island records tumble on super Thursday

    Mark MacDonald and Peter Jones both broke the Kaimais open distance record on Thursday. Mark flew on further to now hold the record at 84.1 km.

    Meanwhile, further North, Evan Lamberton dusted the Moirs open distance record with a flight of 88.56 km.

  • 21.09.2019 Jeff opens Moirs for the season

    Famed Auckland pilot, Jeff Ripley, has officially opened Moirs Hill for the season with this 41.37km open distance flight. He gets 1.25 points per km for that, equaling 51.71 points.

    His flight wasn't enough to keep Auckland on top of the Club Competition table, though, as the Southern Club has taken a narrow lead.

  • 08.08.2019 Nelson Travel Brokers continue their support

    Nelson Travel Brokers continue to support the NZ Cross Country Championship this season.

    Here's what Sue Ketel says: "It is such a pleasure to be associated with the New Zealand Paragliding Cross-Country Championships, I have been looking after the Paragliding community for many years with their travel insurance requirements. I have various insurers that I deal with and can offer one off and annual policies. Many of you travel often and may not realise that if you are specifying luggage items, for instance extra cover for travelling with your paraglider kit, it is often cheaper to take out an annual multi-trip policy and only pay the specified item amount once, this also applies to pre-existing medical conditions. Don’t forget that I also sell all other facets of travel, competitive flights, accommodation, land based activities and cruises. Depending on the policy taken I am often able to offer a discount for travel insurance when you mention NZ Paragliding Cross-Country Championships. I would like to wish all the competitors good luck for the coming year."

Welcome to the New Zealand Cross Country Championship!