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New Zealand Cross Country Championship 2019/20

Welcome to the New Zealand XC Paragliding Championship
  • XContest has recently replaced Leonardo as the platform for the New Zealand Cross Country Paragliding Championship
  • Make sure that you register for the New Zealand competition
  • Scoring parameters and other rules can be found on the Rules page
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  • 28.04.2019 Brisk Insurance continues to support the NZ XC Comp

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  • 12.04.2019 Louis wins the XC Championship

    Louis Tapper has clearly won the 2018/19 XC Championship with 622.05 points. He also had the highest scoring flight, in New Zealand, of the season... a 156km FAI triangle in mid-December.

    The PCC congratulates Louis on his huge achievement and we will get the trophy engraved and shipped down to his Mum for him.

    Louis had this to say about his victory:
    The cross country season hasn't been that flash weather wise, but I have tried to make the best of it, with a few lines planned 5 years ago coming to fruition. I have seen the XC trophy sitting on Bryan Moores' table for quite a few years and more recently Nick Neynens has dominated, nice to have won finally. The process of progression is still however the most fun part for me, not the trophy or winning. This season has also had the biggest walkout (5 hours) in 7 years after pushing a triangle out late in the day with my extremely lightweight gear (Ozone Enzo 3 and full comp harness 25kg) ;-). Not that bad really considering how stuck it is possible to get in the NZ mountains. The new wings/online contests are making flights more accessible and visible than ever. Planning and preparation are however key for those aspiring to fly big or deep in NZ
    Well done, Louis!

  • 06.02.2019 Southern Club well ahead...

    With the 2018/19 Season well underway it's clear that the Southern Club is still the best when it comes to scoring the big distance flights on the Club Competition.

    Southern Pilots, Louis Tapper, Glen Stevens, Aaron Ford, Bryan Moore and David Watson are really cleaning it.

    The Canterbury Club is second, with slightly over half as many points, with Fraser Monteith doing the big ones.

    Auckland, in 7th place, is humiliated.

  • 03.05.2018 Neil Howe wins the MacPara spot prize

    MacPara NZ sponsor a spot prize for a randomly selected pilot from our XC Championship. For last season the winner was Neil Howe. Neil already had an XC Magazine subscription so Nick, from MacPara, has sent him a copy of "Mastering Paragliding".

    Neil said: "Looks like a lot of interesting tips to read over the winter This was my first entry to the XC contest and my only attempt at a PG XC for the 17/18 year as my foot injury pretty much wiped out the year for flying. So to win a prize was for it was real cool."

  • 09.04.2018 Nelson Travel Broker join the fun

    Sue Ketel from Nelson Travel Broker becomes the next business person to seize the opportunity of advertising on this site and supporting the NZ Cross Country Paragliding Championship.

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Welcome to the New Zealand Cross Country Championship!