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The kiwi rules!
  • Competition is open to all NZHGPA member Paragliding and Hang Gliding pilots, including visitors
  • Championship Trophies, HG and PG will go to the best placed NZ resident pilot
  • HG and PG are separate competitions, however if you fly both you can submit flights to both
  • Maximum time to submit a flight (30 days) is now enforced!
  • Flights must be in New Zealand, except for the Wandering Kiwi fun comp
  • XC Flight (Over three turnpoints) : 1 point per km
  • Open Distance : 1.25 points per km
  • Flat Triangle : 1.5 points per km
  • FAI Triangle : 2 points per km
  • Airspace altitude tolerances have changed to 'GPS altitude with no tolerance' (The old 300ft has gone). Lateral limits are also GPS with no buffer.
    • Download the full competition rule book for more info