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World XContest 2019 [deutsch version]

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Wie möchten dich auf der Homepage des XC Systems World XContest 2019 herzlich willkommen heissen.


🇲🇾 🇵🇱 🇷🇺 🇻🇪 + 🇩🇪 5 new NATIONAL contests over 3 continents on XContest platform in 2022 so far! For PG: 🇲🇾 Malaysia Fun Cup https://www.xcontest.org/malaysia-fun-cup/ 🇵🇱 Polskie Zawody Przelotowe https://www.xcontest.org/poland/ 🇷🇺 Российский онлайн чемпионат по маршрутным полетам https://www.xcontest.org/russia/ (PG & HG) 🇻🇪 Liga XC Venezuela https://www.xcontest.org/venezuela/ And one more for paramotor fans: 🇩🇪 ParamotorGermany XC Cup https://paramotors.xcontest.org/paramotorgermany/ We wish you safe&happy landings all over the 🌐 !

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Yes, you can already fly 100k+ flights in the Alps!

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World XContest 2021 WINNERS in PG category STANDARD (max EN-B)🏆 🥇First place is not a surprise, because Stefano Dondi has also placed 3rd at Sport category! What an outstanding performance with all free triangels from Sorica (1881p.). 🇮🇹️ 🥈Silver medal (and 5th in Sport category) belongs to Chris Vuille with amazing triangles from ️️home Switzerland (1770p.). 🇨🇭️ 🥉And third place goes again to Poland - Lukasz Sieminski has achieved the bronze just like the previous season with free triangles from Sorica and Polish flatlands (1741p.) 🇵🇱 We very much CONGRATULATE all winning pilots, check below the Standard standing 2021 and wish you all HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 🎄 https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-standard/

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World XContest 2021 WINNERS in PG category SPORT (max EN-C) 🏆 What an incredible performance by our Alpine winners.🏔 🥇First standing goes the XContest long time champion from Italy. 🇮🇹️️ Manuele Dondi has won with best FAI triangle flight from Bregagno (2088p.). 🥈Second place belongs to Andreas Praniess from Austria 🇦🇹️️. He succeeded with great FAI triangles in the Alps with the longest (267km) from Stoderzinken (1934p.). 🥉Third in category SPORT & 1st🥇 in STANDARD is again Italian pilot. 🇮🇹️️ Stefano Dondi has succeeded with all free triangles above 200km from Slovenian Sorica (1881p.).️ We very much CONGRATULATE all winning pilots and wish you a great new XContest season 2022! For the ranking in the SPORT category, please visit: https://www.xcontest.org/2021/world/en/ranking-pg-sport/

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200k+ FAI triangles in the southern hemisphere? The area around Catedral looks really promising! 🇦🇷

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