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World XContest 2019 [deutsch version]

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Wie möchten dich auf der Homepage des XC Systems World XContest 2019 herzlich willkommen heissen.


Yesterday we witnessed the best FAI triangle performance in the paragliding history! Baptiste Lambert 😲👏

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Are you watching, too?👀 The Red Bull X-Alps race is as exciting as never before. And so we thought we'd add some new cool features for even better cheering. We've added the route task, turning points and the number of followers for each pilot. Are you one of them? 🪂⛰🥳 * * * * #XContest #LiveTracking #redbullxalps

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The best flight from Saturday's World XContest daily score is a new Norwegian distance record. It must have been a really impressive flight Arne Kristian Boiesen!

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First 400 km in 🇵🇱! Polish free distance record has been broken twice during this week. Previous record, 381 km flown by Łukasz Prokop, lasted only 2 days.

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It's here again! This year we have decided to take countermeasures😉 Check comment below 👇👇👇 🚶 🪂 🚶‍♀️ 🪂 🥉 🥈 🥇 🏆...#livetracking #redbullxalps

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