X C o n t e s t

Zapomenuté heslo?

Your national contest?

  • new powerful online XContest system for your national or regional contests

  • User-friendly design, simple flight claiming, automated and fast tracklog processing

  • Unique level of flight detail with interactive maps and another special features

Highlights and unique features of XContest system

  • well-arranged and user-friendly design, easy and fast localization in any language
  • extraordinary high-tech flight detail, an unique map display with profile graph, a number of detailed data
  • possibility to add photos, comments, discussion, tracklog for upload available in IGC and KML formats
  • high-end and fast optimalization at server - setting own rules and coefficients for disciplines
  • wide possibilities for configuration of ranking categories
  • own powerful server with 24h control
  • continual development and adding new features
  • ...and much more!

Structure of left menu [demo version]

Flights The preview of all registered flights with filter selection
Ranking in categories
Ranking in defined categories (demo contains "Czech XC Cup 2006" categories)
Pilots The preview of all registered pilots with score details and number of flights
Teams The preview of all registered teams including team score and partial scores of team members
F.A.Q Frequently asked questions

XContest sites competition - the dutch cylinder race

Are you club, group of pilots, nation and would you like to organize simple tasks from more flying sites in one day?

XContest now offer to use an interface for rounds (tasks) and competition from different flying sites where you can set basic parameters:

  • create a new round

  • name and date of round

  • straight distance or out and return

  • radius of take-off cylinder

  • radius of goal cylinder

  • which sites will be used for each round (sites are imported from wpt file)

 More informations here: Dutch cylinder race

Custom your national and regional XContest

Basic characteristics

  • three different types of registered tracks: Free Distance over customizable number of turning points, Flat Triangle, FAI Triangle

  • linternational interface – XContest contest system will speak your native language, all we need is translation of the text.

  • highly customizable national contest and definition of the tracks

  • automatic server-side tracklog optimalization (inc. checking G-record)

  • attractive projection of tracklogs with interactive map (basen on Google maps API)

  • user friendly, reliable, fast

  • support for various GPS downloading programs and GPS receivers

  • experience - World XContest and others national scorings.

Description of the interface

Title (main) page of each XC contest will contain:

  • list of last 5 registered flights
  • actual ranking of 1-5. place in the Open category
  • news (managed by administrator)
  • general public discussion

Left menu contains following:

Flights, Ranking in categories, Pilots, Teams, Rules, F.A.Q...

Right menu contains following:

1. for non-registered pilots:

  • how to claim flight
  • registration to the contest

2. for registered and signed pilots:

  • claim flight
  • my flights
  • my team
  • change my registration details

3. place for advertisement and sponsors

Registration to the contest

The registration of the pilot to the contest can be done in the menu "Registration in the contest" in the right menu:

Flight claim

Before submitting flight you have to be logged in the contest. This can be done be the entry form (user name/password) in the top right part of XContest:

After a successful login the right menu will display the "My Contest" menu containing the "Claim flight" for registered and logged pilots. All you need now is valid IGC file.

The flight registration contains 2 steps:

1. After uploaded IGC file, the server check the validity of IGC (G-record). If the IGC file is OK, you will continue to the second step.

2. You will add further informations for the flight (select your glider, take-off, description of the flight, photos).

Note: Optimalization of the tracklog is done automatically on the server during the flight registration.

Founding of teams, service

Each registered pilot can found team and select his team mates from the list of registered pilot. Founder is automatically "teamleader" with responsibility to:

  • insert team partner for the team from registered pilots
  • kick-out team partner
  • delegate "teamleader" function to another team partner

"Adopted" team member can leave team anytime, in this case team loses all his points. For team score are used only the flights after the pilot join the team.

Flight detail description

We provide visitors with all necessary informations of the flight with extraordinary web design! Furthermore we offer some cool features:

  • all flight informations including details of legs and turnpoints
  • inserting pilot can add description and photos from the flight. Each flight has public discussion!
  • unique map display of the tracklog with several layers basen on Google Maps API:
    • Alt PGweb - our own profile of landscape!
    • Sat Nasa - satellite map by NASA
    • Sat Google - satellite map by Google
    • Weather - satellite shot from the day of the flight!
    • Map, Road layer
  • possibility to extend the map display on the whole screen
  • profile graph including layers: GPS altitude, ground altitude, vario, speed. Furthermore you can manage, display or hide all the layers separately by button on the profile graph!
  • fast control of the map from the profile graph by clicking the right mouse button on the graph

Which rules can be customized for national or regional XContest?

The following values may be modified to satisfy custom requirements:

1. General conditions

  • Time conditions
    • time duration of the contest (length of “season”)
    • maximum time duration for uploading IGC file (number of days after day of the flight)
  • Place
    • you can select the territory for flights to the contest (e.g. your or chosen countries, continents, World...)

2. Disciplines

Basically we support following disciplines - Free Distance, Flat Triangle, FAI Triangle

  • Free Distance
    • you can customize number of turning points (2-10) for Free Distance
  • Flat Triangle, FAI Triangle
    • you can customize “closing condition” for triangle flights – ability to set the “closing distance” for triangle tracks both the fixed distance (e.g. 800 meters in Czech League) or in percent of the track (e.g. OLC 20%)

3. Coefficients

Coefficients for each discipline can be set as per your desire. Furthermore we support the possibility of "2 zones" for coefficients:

  • the territory or chosen countries with "basic" coeficients
  • different "special" favoured or less-favoured coefficients for tracks crossing given areas – e. g. in Czech League we have favoured coefficients for triangle flights in the Czech Republic from the rest of Europe

4. Scoring system

Subset of scoring categories:

  • open score

  • single score (equals open score without tandem flights)

  • tandem score

  • standard score (1) (pilots who have all registered flights on standard glider - it means tested one of DHV 1, DHV 1-2, AFNOR/SHV Standard, CEN A, B)

  • standard score (2) (those pilot's flights flown on the standard glider)

  • performance score (1) (pilots who have all registered flights on standard or performance glider - it means tested maximum one of DHV 2-3, AFNOR/SHV Performance, CEN D)

  • performance score (2) (those pilot's flights flown on standard or performance glider)

It´s possible to set another scores according your request (e.g. "freeflight score" only for free flights, etc...) You can set minimum flight distance for submisson to the contest.

For each of score it is possible to set:

  • number of best flights counted for the score

5. Scoring categories

Based on above mentioned scoring system you can make up all kind of categories for the ranking on the web! Furthermore it is possible to set categories defined by demographic conditions as sex (i.e women :-)) or age (age less than X years, more than X years).

6. Pilots and Teams

You can select number of pilots for a team. Each team has leader responsible for selecting partners from registered pilots.

Team score:

  • number of pilot's best flights for team score

7. Customizing of background

  • option to hide all altitude profiles and altitude information from flight detail

  • PGweb contest system can easily speak your native language after translation txt file

Flights approval

Each contest should have at least one administrator with right to approve flights, add news, etc. In the list of registered flights and scoring system will be:

  • not yet approved flights
  • approved flights

In case of removing flight by administrator such a flight will be available only in pilot profile and will be removed from public display and scoring.

Do we pay something for our own XContest?

Setting up and service of your contest is payed  from 2008 season. But the fee is very acceptable for most of countries. We would like to open the system as it´s possible. Please contact us for more details.

Can we put our sponsors to the website of our XContest?

Yes, no problem! You can support the XContest in this way!

Anyway we keep the right to put our general partners of XContest system to the panel of your XContest.

How can we set up our own XContest system?

Please contact us at info@xcontest.org. We will discuss and adjust parameters and website for your contest.

In the rare case you would like to use your domain with your layout: it is individual, we can check it and talk about possibilities. Contact us.