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World XContest 2021 [home]

World XContest - česká verzeWorld XContest  - français versionWorld XContest - version espagnolWorld XContest - deutsch versionDear pilot,
we would like to welcome you at the homepage of World XContest 2021, PG and HG online XC system.



English breakfast 🫖 on #XContest #live now


This season's first 300km+ FAI triangle on a paraglider!


First 300 km closed flat triangle on paraglider in 🇺🇸! Mythical Owens Valley, the cradle of ancient paragliding XC records, showed that there's more to the story!


New XCTrack stable version is out now, available in Play store! Version 0 .9.11.8 brings new features from last months of beta development to all pilots. Most notable is SafeSky integration (TX only now; your electronic visibility to other air traffic will be improved) and much better external devices management. Enjoy!


A new Hungarian record! It could be even longer if Hungarian authorities would allow free in-flight border crossing within Schengen area...🙌


Maxime Pinot and Jonathan Marin - Paragliding Pilot have done an excellent record-breaking job in France today! The very end of Maxime's flight was watched by 942 live followers on XContest livetracking, which is by far a record-breaking value as well! 6 pilots in total made it to the same place, amazing team coperation!